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When the Comment Section Should Be Closed

August 7, 2017 | 0 Comments

It’s hard not to politicize the news, even in times of tragedy. Whether it’s profiling the crime suspect, calling into question the life choices of the victim, or debating policy and legislation that may have shaped or prevented the course of events, most of us have been guilty of at least privately expressing less than helpful thoughts about a catastrophe. And in today’s divisive and heated political climate, these judgments have only been amplified. But there are some crimes so appalling that one would not dare share anything but a uniform cry of disgust and compassion. Or you would think. That is, if you didn’t read the comment section. Last week the owner of a South Philly daycare and preschool was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting two 5-year-old children. The tightknit, local family community was shook to its core,...

"Paige Wolf is the mom I wished lived next door. She makes neurotic look sexy and shares practical tips for saving the ozone and your sanity."

– Abby Sher, author of Amen, Amen, Amen: Memoir of a Girl Who Couldn't Stop Praying (Among Other Things)

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