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Is a Peloton Worth It? How I'm Making it Work

January 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

I'm not basic, you're basic. At the end of 2019, social media users let out a collective groan uniting people of all political stripes. A 30-second ad for a $2500 exercise bike (with an additional $40/month subscription fee) created a universal disdain for the overpriced machine and the fictional characters endorsing it –seemingly a catatonic wife held captive to the weight-loss machine gifted by her husband. Parodies and hot takes ensued over this inordinately expensive toy and the insufferable people enslaved to it. So, naturally, in the final days of this decade, I decided to finance a Peloton which I would pay off in monthly installments until the day they find my corpse splayed out before a hyped-up hard-bodied virtual instructor congratulating me for my 10,000th ride. How Did This Come to Pass? If you have followed my blog and...

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