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The Budget Activist: How to Have Meaningful Conversation with Dissenters

There is no question that political debate has gotten more heated – and hateful. Even debating something that might seem innocuous has taken on a…

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PhillyTweens Fills Market Gap for Parents of Tweens and Teens

Raising tweens and young teens in today’s world can be difficult. And there is no comprehensive resource for tween parenting advice – especially for the…

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The Budget Activist: How to Use Social Media for Good

After digging my fork into a few Styrofoam containers during lunches in Harrisburg, Pa., I took to my blog to express my dismay that the…

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The Budget Activist: Power in Numbers: How to Find the Right Partnerships

It’s not easy to be a lone wolf, and it can be crucial to your success to find a team of advocates to back your…

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Detox Your Sleep: Toxic Chemicals in Bedding and Safer Alternatives

We spend eight hours each night sleeping—totaling almost one-third of our lives. But our mattresses and bedding can contain chemicals that can actually have negative health consequences,…

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The Budget Activist: Being the Change You Wish to See

The Buzzfeed headline read: “A bathroom at Calgary’s airport became ground zero for an act of heroism when an anonymous do-gooder blessed it with a…

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A Free Vacation? It Was Possible with HomeExchange

As an avid participant in the sharing economy, I am always looking for more sustainable and affordable ways to access resources. So when a friend…

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prAna End of Summer Discount Code

My family took advantage of the end of summer with a road trip to Montreal. We did a home exchange, an amazing experience which I…

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The New Story in Sunscreen, Chemicals, and More with Goddess Garden

I’ve been posting quite a bit about “what drives me,” and how my story has evolved over the years. I’ve also been talking to friends…

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The Budget Activist: Making Change Through Letters and Petitions

  I was going to write a book called The Budget Activist. But it isn’t happening. I’ve lost the passion to finish the project. I still…

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