I Put Tea Tree Oil Inside My Vagina – An Essential Oils Update

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All my life I thought I hated the smell of lavender. Now I know it’s just because what I thought was lavender was really just some funky chemicals in a Glade Air Freshener. And I am putting lavender essential oil on my pillow every night because I have officially reached a new level of crunchy – I’m addicted to essential oils.

Oh, I was skeptical as can be when all these green mom bloggers were raving about curing strep throat with thieves oil. I’m pro-vaccine, pro-tylenol, and, quite frankly, pro-Zoloft. But I figured I had nothing to lose by trying a few samples and wrote about my slow foray into essential oil use.

And then I started using them more and more – and finding myself carrying them on vacation and running low on my favorites. I switched to DIY potions with Tea Tree Oil and Purification for all my cleaning purposes. And when I did get sick, for the first time among months of winter preschool germs, I diffused Thieves Oil, rubbed Breathe Easy on my chest, which really helped ease my symptoms.

But the defining moment, the moment when I knew there was no turning back, was when I put essential oils inside my vagina.

When I found myself on the brink of a yeast infection, I didn’t run out and buy Monistat. I mixed Tea Tree Oil and Lavender with Coconut Oil, solidified it in the fridge, and put the whole thing in my vagina. And it worked.

Now I’m not saying this always works – or even that it is medically advisable (I am not a doctor!) Using essential oils internally is highly controversial. But in this particular instance it relieved my symptoms.

So now when I hear my daughter coughing in the middle of the night I go into her room and rub diluted oils on her chest. I advise friends to use Peppermint Oil to break a fever. I wrestle my kids to rub Thieves Oil (also diluted!) on the bottoms of their feet to boost their immune system. I am relying less and less on my conventional meds – though I still keep a stocked medicine cabinet for the times when you just need an Excedrin.

MEDICAL DISCLOSURE: The information included on this website is based only on my own research and personal experience. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. None of the opinions expressed here are meant to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. You should always consult your healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for your own situation or if you have any questions regarding a medical condition or treatment plan. 

  • What a testimonial! I remain a bit skeptical, but certainly curious given all the die-hard fans. I have some samples (sent by a friend) languishing in my bedroom right now.

  • Betsy, what are you waiting for? Put them all in your vagina! ……JUST KIDDING!!!!!

  • Lindsay

    I love this post!! I too am pro-vaccine, pro-Zoloft and pro- essential oils. Tea tree is the best for taking on things big and small!

  • You are brave! I used a tea tree shampoo once down there without thinking and it wasn’t exactly a pleasant sensation. I think it would have to be very diluted for me to try that.

    I’m a huge fan of essential oils though. We use them daily.

  • Joy

    I use and love essential oil but proper usage and safety is key. Things are getting out of hand with lots of misinformation, especially regarding children/babies, applying neat (w/out carrier oil) and ingestion. Here’s something everyone using eo’s should read http://www.atlanticinstitute.com/blog/2015/1/6/top-ten-worst-adverse-effects

  • Andrea DeWitt

    You stated you use tea tree oil, lavender and coconut oil for yeast infection. I would like to know your recipe and quantity used per application. This is a great idea.

  • Paige Wolf

    Hi Andrea! Thanks for reading! I used a couple drops of each essential oil with about 1/2 cup of coconut oil and then put it in the fridge to harden. There are more exact recipes if you search online. Also, it’s not foolproof – may work, may not….if not, get out the Monistat. Good luck!!

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  • Cara Wolf-Vaughn

    Paige, I use Lavender oil on my nose piercing, it help heal it. I grow organic lavender if you ever want some let me know.

  • paigewolf

    Sweet! I generally love all my oils! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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  • JudiLY

    Yes, what was your recipe? And are those Via Nature essential oils potent? Have you noticed a difference in quality? Thanks

  • Kisha Chandler

    I am currently a member of Young Living and like you I do not like MLC’s either. Never works…I love Now Foods essential oils. They are cheap and just as good as the higher price brands.

  • Paige Wolf

    Totally agree and that reminded me to update this with the NOW Foods brand which is what I use now! 🙂

  • TJ

    I’d like to know that as well.

  • Jess

    This is awesome! I love Edens garden essential oils, cheap, high quality, owned by a women and 10% or proceeds go to charity. I totally have to try this

  • Morgan

    Now essential oils are not pure essential oils. Essential oil companies are not FDA regulated and therefore can market themselves however they see fit. It’s very important to do your research (I’m sure you know that lol) because very few essential oil lines are safe for medicinal use. Use a line that test their level of pesticides, which also requires using an organic line of essential oils. If you don’t use organic, those pesticides are extracted with the oil, right into your bottle of “pure tea tree oil.” Then you’re basically putting pesticides directly onto yourself. Just a little something that I don’t think most people think about, because there isn’t a lot of information out there about the chemistry of essential oils. Plus, Now basically gives themselves away when they describe themselves as “genuine reflections” of plants, not actually oil from plants.

    That being said, I love Veriditas essential oils and I am probably overly passionate of my belief in essential oils and I just want to share all the love and knowledge I can lol.

  • Tara

    Melaleuca !!! Email me for more information taraashleygautney@yahoo.com

  • Jane

    There is plenty of information about essential oils out there.! The key is to do research..! The same goes for any FDA approved drug that you get from a pharmacy.. They ALL have huge side effects. Every synthetic drug made by man is doing something that a plant on earth can do “with out side effects”.. The drug companies do not want us to know that. It will put them out of work. And the FDA will loose many millions of dollars of testing and charges..

  • Virginica Stallworth

    You ROCK! That vagi-oil concoction worked like a charm. 😉

  • Jillian

    Did anyone have discharge after doing this? I did it for 2 nights and my symptoms are all gone except now I’m having discharge again, only I’m not sure if it’s the oils or if my infection is coming back.

  • TC

    I would like to know as well what the recipe is. When I was researching yesterday I came across a recipe (i forgot what blog I was reading, but I am trying the recipe tonight) and she said that she takes 2 T of coconut oil and 4 drops of each lavender and tea tree oil. she puts them in an ice tray made for water bottles.

  • Alexandra Marable

    Just be careful with those other brands! Young Living is 100% pure and the other companies only have to put 5% essential oil in their bottles to claim they are 100% pure!

  • Michelle Grigsby

    I’m an essential oils addict too….. I go between Doterra and Melaleuca brands….

  • Anna

    I had really heavy discharge too, but non of my other symptoms came back

  • Disha

    Hi there.

    I need to know more about using lemongrass oil (diluted) as yoni oils. Is that possible? If I boil a pot of water with few drops of lemongrass oil in it? I am addicted to the smell of it. I have lemongrass plants and incense sticks too. Additionally I want to know which other oils I can use with water steam for Yoni bath (Vaginal Bath)?

  • Sandy

    I am using Young Living Oils & they are 100% are the ones that you are using now 100%? and how do you know?

  • Sandy

    Yes I have been told that too! Do you use Young Living?

  • paigewolf

    I am not an essential oil expert nor married to any one brand. I have used Young Living, NOW, Via Nature, and Plant Therapy.

  • Queena Knox

    It’s worth a shot!

  • Kacy White Hartson
  • Suz Zette

    I love mine ! we’ve been around over 30 years and 1/3 of the price of DT or YL not an MLM and over 500 other wellness product at wholesale prices http://suzzettefromkin.123look.com

  • nikki

    Will this work if i want to just put it on the labia? i have a bump on the outside that’s irritated:) sorry TMI

  • kourtni starn

    Yeah you should never out anything up your vag….this is just dumb , if u wanna infection then sure….bad people giving bad advice.

  • kourtni starn


  • YoniMama

    This is not bad advice..run to the doctor like you always do.. & keep wasting your money. Any remedy that is published gets shut down because the threat of possible consumer loss. This stuff works…

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  • joyce

    I won’t because anyone that would steal his grandfather’s formulas to market his own brand and bad mouth the man who is as good as Gary Young is .. I couldn’t trust where he gets his oils from

    he’s a young guy who wants to be rich.. I’ve been using Young living for 15 years and am not a sales person at all just a user and share with loved ones it’s been proven to work effectively over n over again ..

  • joyce

    I’ve heart not to heat the oils just like olive oil really shouldn’t be heated too high these essential oils from YL which are used in many hospitals the integrity of its founder and those that work with him are health passionate not marketeers.. these are very gently steam distilled so maybe use a few drops in a glass spray bottle with purified water distilled maybe spritz your sheets etc I’ve read lavender is highly effective against bed bugs ..

  • Maia

    I literally almost died from lavender in my vagina. Worsened the infection and I thought I was dying from my kidneys shutting down. It was extremely scary. Same brand you use according to your picture too. I highly advise against essential oils in the yoni!!

  • Maia

    *lavender oil

  • Christine Neil

    Lemongrass is considered a hot oil and I imagine that it will burn even with carrier oils. I advise against putting Lemon Grass anywhere near your Yoni.

  • Tessa Brantley


  • Tessa Brantley

    I wouldn’t blame that on that Lavender or on the brand. Although it isn’t the brand that I use…it is one of top two brands.
    I have used Lavender and other essentials in the same manner with zero problems.
    Just like the author, I was highly skeptical of essentials oils…unlike the author, once I experienced their effects, I tossed every single store bought, chemical product, and I refuse to waste another penny or minute going to a doctor, just to be told it’s a virus that will have to take its course, or given an RX putting hidden and harmful chemicals into my body.
    Seriously…you REALLY feel more comfortable putting man-made chemicals into your vagina? NO THANK YOU!
    God Anna nature provide all that we need. People have just gotten so accustomed to using whatever they’re told to by doctors and commercials.
    I would urge you to look up the chemicals that are in OTC and RX vaginal meds, and their side effects…before dissing nature’s cures.
    It sounds to me like what your symptoms and your reaction was to begin with was your kidneys. That’s a whole other essential oils you needed. Unless, which is extremely rare, you were just allergic to Lavender.
    Just saying.

  • Tessa Brantley

    It should work. But, there are others that might be more helpful, as well.

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