Top 10 Reasons I Am Done Being Pregnant

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You might think I look pretty good in this photo: the picture of a happy, glowing pregnant woman. But it is all smoke and mirrors. I had my hair done, I actually put on makeup, and I am wearing the most flattering dress in the world. Yes, if I have not made this clear enough already, I am terrible at being pregnant.

Last night I was up every hour with heartburn, nausea, hot flashes, dehydration, congestion, and the urge to just save myself the trip and pee in my bed.

But on the plus side I only have about eight weeks to go. So let’s look at the bright side and review the top reasons I can’t wait to get this baby out.

1. I haven’t been able to breathe properly for weeks nor hear out of my right ear. And this is, in fact, pregnancy related. Here’s something you probably don’t know about pregnancy unless you’ve been there: it gives whole new meaning to the word congestion. If you are prone to seasonal allergies or sinus infections you better get ready. Because it isn’t just your cervical mucus that thickens (if that is TMI you are reading the wrong blog).

2. We all know that pregnancy makes you pee a lot. As in waking up every hour. This will also lead you to many public restrooms where you will want to squat. Thanks to CrossFit, I am an expert at squatting over toilet seats. But there is something about the balance or shape of late pregnancy that for some reason causes you to pee all over yourself if you try to squat. Like pee up your stomach. I can’t explain it but it is very true and I refuse to believe it is just me.

3. I want my immune system back. Despite all efforts to live healthy, I have caught every ailment that has come down the preschool pike this pregnancy. And I am tired of feeling guilty about every medication I have put in my body. And there have been plenty of them. I just want to be able to take a Tylenol without being sure my baby is growing horns.

4. It honestly isn’t my appearance that bothers me so much having gained an extra 40 pounds or so. It’s the impact that this weight has on my energy and mobility. Walking just a few blocks causes a cramp in my side and an aching in my feet. I dream of running and jumping and getting back to the inner athlete I had only recently discovered before becoming pregnant.

5. OK, looking thin wouldn’t hurt either. If only so I could wear normal clothes and officially set fire to anything with an empire waist.

6. My boobs are way too big. “Oh, woe is you,” think the small-chested girls, but let me assure you that big tits are not all they are cracked up to be. Try running and jumping with these things strapped on. Try wearing anything without looking like a hooker. And I know they will remain big through nursing but at least they won’t be resting upon a giant belly and will have some room to breathe!

7. I am a busy lady. There are things I have to do like take care of my son and run my business and things I want to do like workout, blog, and socialize. But being pregnant zaps your energy to the point where accomplishing more than a couple of things in one day is an absolute strain. I used to be able to wrangle my son to school, do a CrossFit workout, and then have the energy to power through various meetings, errands, and events. Now after just walking Sam to school I sometimes take to working from my bed for the rest of the day. (That said, I am insanely lucky that I can totally work from my bed).

8. Have you seen my vagina? Neither have I.

9. I could really use a drink.

10. I couldn’t end this without something sappy or you will all think I am a total bitch. Of course I can’t wait to meet the baby. I might not feel totally connected at first. I pretty much saw Sam as a complete alien until he was about a month old and I completely fell in love with him, so I am not expecting any immediate miracles. But it will be cool to see what she looks like. Sam is so fair and blonde and thin and I just feel like this girl is going to be chubby with darker features. But we seem to carry random recessive traits like white hair so anything is possible.

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  • Madeleine @ NZ Ecochick

    You go girl I am SO there with you. I wouldn’t have written anything different!! So nice to have other honest people out there!!! My second son is now 8 weeks old and I am so not doing it again!!! Good luck. M xx

  • paigewolf

    Thank you so much for commenting! I know it isn’t nice to complain when things could be so much worse, but let’s be honest! πŸ˜‰

  • I felt the same way with my second. It is tough when you have another one to take care of to feel good. Maybe now that the weather is warming up and you can be outside more you will feel a little more energized. Hang in there!

  • Tracy

    I literally laughed out loud. Hang in there, I don’t miss any if the stuff in your list (and it isn’t just you) but it was totally worth it in the end. I know, easy for me to say with my baby sleeping upstairs!

  • paigewolf

    Thanks Tracy! If you can raise three children in a foreign country I think can handle this πŸ™‚

  • paigewolf

    The weather has been making me happier πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  • ORly

    So sorry that your pregnancy has you down. Instead of focusing on how much it sucks, you should probably spend a bit more time being thankful that you’re having a healthy pregnancy, because there are tens of thousands of women who would take all of those symptoms in a heartbeat and then some if it meant they could GET pregnant or STAY pregnant.

  • paigewolf

    Orly, I am sorry that this post struck a bad chord with you but I also knew that it could potentially rub people the wrong way. I usually preface posts like this by saying that I am of course thankful and grateful for being able to have a healthy pregnancy. That said, we are all entitled to our own emotional outlets. For instance, is it unfair for a marathon runner to complain about the agony of the race because he is fortunate to have two working legs? Is it not OK for parents to write snarky blogs about their children because tragically there are people who would give anything to have even one more difficult moment with their own? I think we are all entitled to own our experiences and to be honest about our own personal struggles, even if they may seem trite to someone who is going through something far worse.

  • Angela

    I would have taken all of those issues a thousand times over. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time, but its a lot better than not being able to stay pregnant and have to watch your baby fight for life. I know pregnancy is not all sunshine and roses, but compared to the alternative it kind of is. It just really bothers me to see the title especially, about being “done being pregnant.” If you went into labor tomorrow, you would be regretting that sentiment I guarantee you.

  • paigewolf

    Please see my response to the commenter above. I obviously would not want to have a preterm baby and that is certainly not what I am saying.

  • Hmm

    I think its mainly the title that rubs people the wrong way, me at least. You may be tired of the trials of pregnancy, but you are not “done” being pregnant. Your baby is not “done” with you being pregnant.

  • paigewolf

    I wholeheartedly agree. But just because one is tired of feeling a certain way does not mean she is going to drink a bottle of castor oil at 31 weeks. I am not wishing for a preterm labor, just a quick eight weeks. Im sorry if that was unclear.

  • Hmm

    I get that. Hope it goes quick and your little one is healthy!

  • paigewolf

    Thank you, I really appreciate that πŸ™‚

  • Lindsay Dahl

    Ha! I loved this post, so funny! We’re all entitled to complain every once and a while. I think many of other pregnant women out there will find some comedy and solace in your post. As you already know, it will be worth it! πŸ™‚

  • Lindsay Dahl

    PS Number 8 cracks me up!

  • Julie

    I truly appreciate your honesty. Nothing in life comes 100% positive or negative. It’s very refreshing to see an honest ‘gripe’ – who hasn’t gotten down about the ‘best’ situation on occasion?

    Best of luck through the remainder of your pregnancy and remember that beautiful girl about to debut! πŸ˜‰

  • Julie

    I personally love #9. πŸ˜‰ I’d love to see a responsible partaking man go 9 months without drinking!

  • paigewolf

    Thank you! I will be so happy when she arrives

  • #8. I die. When it comes to pregnancy & birth, I am much more on the earth-crunchy-embrace it side than I like to admit. *BUT* reading your list, I was reminded of those last weeks of pregnancy, when people can’t help but comment CONSTANTLY about your weight, the heartburn is horrible, the breathing…and oh, oh! The peeing!

    I’m giving you the okay to write about LIFE, and all its ups and downs–whether it includes a fetus in your uterus or not.

  • I was “reminiscing” about pregnancy today for the upcoming Global Newborn Health Conference. Yes many of us have it “easy” by comparison, but having had three pregnancies, all of which were life-changingingly hard to handle, I can certainly understand the light-hearted sentiment of feeling “done.”

    I can’t imagine anyone literally meaning she would like to have the baby so early, but if you have had the shit kicked out of your body in order to deliver your little miracle you deserve a little vent without the world becoming offended. You never know what life is like for someone else until you’ve walked in their shoes.

  • I hear you! I really miss my glass of wine at the end of the day. I’m lucky that I feel pretty good pregnant, but it certainly is exhausting!

  • Katherine Martin

    #6, I feel your pain. I sat and listened to a girl complain that they didn’t make nursing bras in her size, because her breasts were too small. She was a 36B. I did a quick search…yes, Walmart had them. So did Target. Where was she looking? I listened to her as I became very aware of my 34M boobs. I really wanted to ask her to do a search for me, because apparently her search was plagued by sites for bigger breasted women. The rare sites I’ve found that carry my size are in England. I guess, I’ll just swing by and grab a pair when I have some free time.

  • Just a note – your vagina is NOT up here in Canada.

  • Alexandra

    I am so with you!!!!!! But, you havent mentioned the leg cramp every morning πŸ™‚ Xxx

  • I think having depressed immunity is the WORST. My entire family got food poisoning during my 2nd pregnancy — for my husband, a few days of mild diarrhea. For me, horrible spasms in my bowels, moaning and writhing in pain in bed unable to sleep for a week until they figured out what was wrong and gave me antibiotics. And the CONGESTION. I remember feeling like I was suffocating during a cold I had during my 3rd trimester of my 1st pregnancy.

    But to me, the absolute worst is the nausea. And hopefully for you that is over. Even though pregnancy usually has a very happy ending, it can be so difficult to live through. Esp. while caring for another little one.

    Hope you are rewarded with a quick, easy birth!

  • paigewolf

    Darn! My vagina would love to be Canadian!

  • paigewolf

    Thanks so much Betsey!

  • paigewolf

    Yeah, how come only England sells large bra sizes? It’s not like they make bigger boobs there!

  • paigewolf

    Excited to see you and commiserate next weekend!

  • paigewolf

    Thanks Brenna!

  • paigewolf

    Thanks Gretchen!

  • I actually loved being pregnant but after not being pregnant for almost 6 years I still feel that I am going to pee myself. LOL My bladder is still not the same and I really don’t think it ever will be. On the up side you will not be pregnant during the hottest part of the summer and you can enjoy a fun summer drink too πŸ™‚

  • Paige, thanks for your honestly. Some times I can’t believe I went through pregnancy four times. The last one I need a girdle just to hold up my stomach. And like Trina, I no longer have a bladder that holds anything. Can I add a #12? Swollen fingers and legs. OMG. I felt like I was wearing gym weights around my ankles.

  • HappyMamaPhilly

    Paige I am right there with you at 38 weeks. I almost went and bought 7 pineapples last night because someone said that would get the party started!! In the past couple of days, I have developed a severe case of the “itches” and can’t get comfortable for even a second. And as far as bra sizes I just went on-line today and bought a bra size that falls in the middle of the alphabet!! I had no idea that G and H were a size!! They are going to scare the baby because they are scaring me!! I know you have some weeks to go but hand in there!! Mika

  • paigewolf

    hahaha! Thanks Mika!

  • paigewolf

    Oh I am so excited about not going through the whole summer pregnant!

  • paigewolf

    LOL Thanks!

  • Daniella

    I couldnt agree more with this article! I hated being pregnant and my water always breaks early. I had my first at 35 weeks and second at 34 weeks (both perfect and healthy!). Even though I did not wish to go into labor early I couldnt have been more thrilled to be done each time! I cant imagine if I had to go to 40 weeks or 42 weeks like some women do. It is hard to remember how lucky you are when you feel so incredibly miserable. Kudos to you for sharing this!

  • Sarah

    hysterical post!! #8 HAHA!! This post brought back everything I disliked about being pregnant!

  • Ha. I am 31 weeks and I too am “over” being pregnant. I think it’s just that we are so close to the end!!

  • Oh, I am so with you. I can see myself being pregnant again, and then I see me napping every day and cutting my workload in half from being so stinking tired through most of pregnancy. Those energetic bursts in the middle of the trip were too short. Sigh. Hang in there. BTW, do you mind if I mention my book, the Pregnant Entrepreneur here? Seems like it might help some folks reading this.

  • Having had 5 kids, yes, I can tell you absolutely I appreciate that I had healthy pregnancies, and as I got older the pregnancies were harder on me. Go ahead and kvetch. Being pregnant is not all rosy and perfect, even if you have a healthy pregnancy. Man did I hate those seasonal allergies. I hated turning over in bed because I always pulled something. I hated the plantar fasciitis (sp?) that wouldn’t go away until I gave birth and had me hobbling painfully across the floor for several months.

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  • Jessica

    I can relate to everything. I gained 80 pounds last time due to preeclampsia and I still don’t know how I managed to move. Yet here I am, doing it all over again.

  • HollyKai

    This blog is so brutally honest I could cry, I love it. So many people in my life are soooo excited I’m pregnant and I’m miserable!, I thought I was the only one! When I refer to my growing baby I call it a terrorist, I’m well into my second trimester with no let up on the morning sickness. I think I’ll adopt the next after this experience. Thanks for the laughs, honesty and sarcasm ❀️

  • sierra

    I am only 13 weeks pregnant & absolutely LOVED this article/blog. This is my 2nd pregnancy & I CANT STAND IT. The constant PEEING, the VOMITING, the CONSTANT CRAVING FOR SUBWAY MEATBALL SANDWICHES & VELVEETA CHEESE & ICE CREAM , ALL DAY NAUSEA AT WORK: Breathlessness just walking up hills to meetings so that my employees stare blankly at me. Ironically my first pregnancy 5 years ago I ate super healthy & loved every natural second of being pregnant so much I took photos of my growing belly, performed better than ever at work in my career and walked around with a GLOW on my face. The first time around I never wanted it to end. This time I am only 13 weeks and feel I cant stand the fact that I am volunteering to get FAT…… I am 41 and 1/2 years old so its much harder on my body. THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS: It made me laugh. Try watching a guy opt in for this plus raising a preschooler solo as a sole parent, working a full time career, commuting 50 miles a day and opting in for this on top of it. I always wanted a second child, but MAN this is HARD!! Thanks for allowing me to be HONEST. Just like you I had finally lost the final 15 lbs from my first pregnancy when my son turned 4 and then got pregnant again. I had just found my INNER ATHLETE , began yoga plus kick boxing and was actually SLEEPING THRU THE NIGHT after my son finally started sleeping in his own bed . Then this. Part of me is why would I OPT IN FOR another 3 plus years of constant fatigue and SLEEPLESSNESS. THe reason I could not lose weight the first time around was because the sleeplessness (waking up 5 times a night for my son who sleeping problems) caused a vicious cycle of hormone imbalance, and storing fat. Once I began sleeping (year 4 ) I had energy to work out, my metabolism went increased and no cravings. THIS IS WHY ITS SO HARD! THANKS πŸ™‚

  • paigewolf

    Hi Sierra! So glad you enjoyed this post πŸ™‚ Happy to say I am well on the other side of it now with a seven month old and it seems like ages ago πŸ™‚ Baby weight is almost gone – I have been working hard on that since I gained a lot! And obviously 100% worth it – though I would never do it again! You will be so happy to have a second baby, I promise πŸ™‚ Good luck!!

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  • Renita

    I’m in the same boat now and at 38 weeks and a fellow cross fitter with a son and a girl on the way, you couldn’t not have read my mind more. It will be over soon and I will be back to CrossFit and seeing my vag right?

  • paigewolf

    Hi Renita!! My baby is almost 14 months now and I am happy to say I am CrossFitting better and stronger than ever!! When you come back – slowly – you will be frustrated and have lost more strength than you expected. But it will come back and in 4-6 months you should be back to where you were and getting better very quickly. I promise you will look back on this and feel so much stronger for it!! πŸ™‚

  • Susanna

    just googled pregnant and miserable and your blog came up. Yes, All Of These Things. Yes. Thank you for being honest and making me feel less like an a hole because I don’t “love being pregnant”

  • Tara d

    Honestly, your lost was a breath of fresh air. Every pregnant woman has the right to vent and express her frustration regardless of the journey she took to get there. It took me 6 years to conceive and ultimately I had to take the IVF route. I was fortunate enough to be successful and I currently 36 weeks pregnant with my first son. On the downside I was diagnosed with preclampsia at 34 weeks and to say it’s been rough is an understatement. I am definitely at the point where I feel defeated and exhausted just wanting to meet my little one and have my body back. At first I felt guilty for not wanting to be pregnant anymore, but that’s ridiculous. Pregnancy is difficult on it’s own Nevermind throwing in a potentially life threatening condition. No woman should apologize for venting about the challenges of pregnancy. Plain and simple it’s hard……rewarding yes…..but hard.

  • Ebony

    I’m reading all the post and I just want to point out this is a blog. If you don’t like it stop reading it. This is not about being ungrateful it’s about a soon to be mother expressing her own feelings. This is my 4th pregnancy. The first I was in a bad car accident and I had to get an abortion. The other two I had miscarriages. I lost my fiance while I was pregnant and I was devastated. I told myself that I would try again somewhere down the line. Three years later here I am, 14 weeks pregnant. I’ve had the most horrific experience. I’ve been to the hospital for bleeding over 10 times. Now I’m experiencing blood clots and my baby has a low heart rate. Now ask me if I would do this again….Definitely, not. I’ve never been so miserable. From not knowing if I lost the baby to being on bed rest every time I turn around. I just want to say there’s nothing wrong with saying how you feel. Most women don’t have the guts to do so. Good Luck!!!

  • Dan Ville

    heres my top 10 in no particular order:

    1) I fucking hate my husband

    2) I hate this kid that refuses to stop destroying my insides from his ‘kicking’

    3) When this nightmare is over…oh yes another begins, cant wait to not sleep for the next 5 years and age another 10

    4) My boobs are disgusting

    5) My crotch is even grosser

    6) I want to kill everyone

    7) im tired of fucking eating

    8) Im tired of not sleeping

    9) my back fucking hurts to the point where I cant concentrate on typing this

    10) to all the first time moms: anyone having a vag delivery – STOP and DONT – change your mind, its aweful, go for the C-section…

  • Heather

    This post is from a few years ago, but I couldn’t help myself from commenting. I am 33 weeks pregnant with my second and am so exhausted. We worked so hard to have our daughter and I loved being pregnant with her. Even the horrible heartburn was exciting since we worked so hard to have her and she was our first. This pregnancy came as a huge surprise to us and I’ll say between not being prepared for a second and the most terrible morning sickness I’ve ever had, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through this pregnancy. I don’t think there has been a single moment where I have actually been excited about this. I had just lost all my baby weight from Evelyn and was learning all about how to reach the healthier me when we found out we’d be having a second. Due to a high risk pregnancy it’s been horrible. I went from healthy Heather to I can’t breath from walking up my steps to bed. I know it will be worth it in the end, but I don’t know how I am going to survive another 7 weeks. Your post made me laugh at it all and I appreciate it. Thank you and I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your little girl. They are always worth it in the end …. it’s just the journey there that sucks.

  • paigewolf

    I’m so glad it made you laugh! My daughter is now 2 and a half – and her name is Evelyn too! I currently feel stronger, fitter, and healthier than ever. So I promise this too shall pass! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • anastacia

    I enjoyed every bit of this blog. It is totally true to how i feel and Im Not even far i just started my second trimester. The lack of energy the over grown boobs my clothes being unable to fit properly and the fact that everyone in my household works so I end up having to work and cook and clean and do everything with the sudden lack of energy sucks . i cant wait for it to be over so I wont have these pains that last all day and night . i cant even roll over in bed with out feeling the pains in my pelvis or thighs or back or feet. The urge to urinate tuh i know they say its bad to hold it But i have such a HARD time sleeping that once I’m asleep i dont want to get up. I end up holding out till it gets to the point of squirting out itsself . NOW i havent gotten to where my urine in squat goes every where lol But I’m sure ill be there soon enough. I as well have seasonal allergies and have taken medication that is ok during preganacy yet in all I too am afraid my child will be some weird looking thing . this is my second and i dont recall it being so difficult . ughhh but to know someone else is GOING through the differences i am going through is a relief . atleast I’m not crazy lol

  • Victoria

    Oh my word! I couldn’t have said it better. I am six weeks away from meeting my first child, and I can’t wait, but everything you said just made me laugh and thank the good Lord I’m not alone. I’m so thankful for this pregnancy as it took a long time to get here, but if she tries to Edward scissorhands me in the vagina one more time…I think I’m gonna die. Thanks for your honesty. Today’s been a tough one and I needed this.

  • paigewolf

    I am so glad you enjoyed it! My youngest is almost 4 now! Seems like a distant memory – dont miss it though!! Best of luck to you!! xoxo

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